How to Buy Gold Bullion in the USA – Bars and Coins

There are numerous options available to you in today’s marketplace to take advantage of the rise of gold. Google searches will provide you with countless pages of options, but where to start?

Who’s the right dealer for you? What are the best deals? Where do I store it?

Online brokers are working hard for your business today. They are offering special deals to convince you to jump ship and buy from them, most notably they will try and attract you competing on price, but the world of gold is a highly competitive business. You can no longer just decide to buy on price, you need to take into consideration other factors that can make all the difference when you decide to start buying gold.

We’ve tried to choose some of the best options for gold purchases in the United States.


apmex website

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APMEX based in Oklahoma is the world’s largest online retailer of gold, founded in 1999.

APMEX has an extensive selection of gold to select from, with coins available to purchase from the world’s leading mints, including the Australian Perth Mint, Royal Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and more.

Also specializing in rare coins from the US and Pre-33 US gold coins, APMEX is a great place to start buying your gold from. They also have over 30 years of historical data for you to analyze.

  • Vast selection of World Bullion
  • A large variety of Gold Coins such as American Gold Eagles, Krugerrand’s, Pandas and more
  • Precious Metal IRA’s for your 401k
  • OneGold where you can buy, sell, redeem and manage your digital portfolio of gold
  • APMEX Club


jmbullion website

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JM Bullion is an online leader when it comes to gold, having won numerous awards. JM Bullion also carries an inventory in the millions, catering for small and large scale investors. Specializing in highly sought after bullion products that appreciate.

Having real-time spot pricing, your shopping cart is always up to date with live pricing and accepting multiple payment methods.

  • Straightforward pricing
  • British gold coins
  • European gold sovereigns
  • 256 bit SSL encryption
  • Ship over 30,000 orders per month
  • Copper rounds


goldsilver website

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Gold & Silver are one of the most trusted names as they have been specializing with gold since 2005. Gold & Silver are also a wealth of knowledge providing new and existing gold investors with a world-class education and bullion services.

Gold & Silver can help with your IRA eligible gold purchases.

Gold & Silver offer their customers the use of private vault storage service, operated by Brinks Security. Which is a great way to store your gold.

  • Great range of gold bars in various sizes, gold coins, and collectible coins
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Buys and sells all types of precious metals
  • Brinks storage vaults
  • IRA gold products
  • 24/7 deliveries
  • Assistance via phone, email, and chats for clients


moneymetals website

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Money Metals Exchange was founded in 2010 to combat dealers who continued to mark up the value of their gold. Money Metals Exchange helps investors buy coins that are priced at their actual value.

They have also recently been named dealer of the year by Bullion.Directory.

  • Gold news and podcasts
  • Gold coins, bars & Pre-33
  • Loans against gold
  • IRA for retirement
  • Fully segregated storage facilities


sdbullion website

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SD Bullion work on providing you with the lowest bullion prices. Started in 2012 as a source for people to buy the lowest cost bullion, they have succeeded in doing so. SD Bullion has become a trusted source in the bullion community for providing high-quality low-cost bullion.

Having received over 30,000 reviews and are the fastest-growing precious metal dealer in the US.

SD Bullion sells a range of gold coins, bars, and Pre-33 US gold coins.

  • Low-cost gold and precious metals
  • Range of gold bars, coins, and collectible coins
  • Industry-leading customer service
  • Various other precious metals; silver, palladium and platinum bullion/coins
  • Always competitive buybacks
  • Rare Semi-numismatic coins and collectibles

How to Buy Gold Bullion in the USA – Local Coin Dealers

Local coin shops can be a great option. Most cities and towns have local gold bullion dealers who operate from shops.

Buying from local gold bullion dealer has some upsides, such as being able to get your gold the same day, this is important to some people. Buying online doesn’t always allow you to build a relationship, but buying from your local gold bullion dealer will help when you want to sell your gold in the future. Having that relationship will be beneficial as he’s only a short drive away.

A good local dealer will also keep you updated when new coins come into his possession.

You should always check reviews and the local dealer’s reputation, as there is always a possibility of buying fake gold bullion. As local coin dealers buy from the public, they don’t always have the means to test every piece of gold that comes in.

Most reputable local gold bullion dealers will check and test gold bullion, making sure they keep their customers coming back.

The best way to avoid being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people when buying gold bullion is to always buy from highly respectable dealers. They will only sell you a quality product from a reputable source, like a private mint or a government mint.

Mints are a great place to buy gold bullion from. Unfortunately, the mints in the United States do not sell to the public.

There are numerous private mints based all over the United States, who make gold bars and rounds, which use high-quality gold, but without government backing or face value, normally with the gold bullion weight.

How to Buy Gold Bullion in the USA Online – Gold EFTs / Mutual Funds

You can now buy gold without taking possession of it, using services like EFT’s (Exchange Traded Funds) or Mutual Funds. There are many online stock platforms where you can take advantage of these services.

This means you don’t require shipping or secure storage options. You can also quickly and easily buy and sell at the push of a button. This method isn’t for everyone, as you have to take into consideration market variables, that are out of your control.

Most of these services let you trade gold on your smartphone.

A word of caution if you do decide to use this method to buy or sell your gold, the price moves constantly, up and down, so you need to be able to take your emotions out of your purchasing.

Requirements of Gold Bullion Purchases in the USA

When you are buying gold in the United States then there are some reporting regulations that you should be aware of.

When making a gold purchase, responsibilities are on the dealer to report all transactions, not you, so you can feel reassured when making your gold bullion purchases. You need to make yourself aware of these reporting requirements.

United States gold bullion dealers are required by US law to fill out and submit an IRS Form 8300 when they sell gold bullion (coins, bars or ingots) over the value of $10,000 during a cash transaction.

IRS Form 8300 needs to be filled out if the following occurs:

    • You purchase more than $10,000 of gold bullion and pay in cash
    • You buy more than $10,000 of gold bullion and pay with two or more methods, such as money orders, cashiers cheques, etc, If you split up the purchase and pay using two methods, this transaction needs to be reported
    • You buy more than $10,000 of gold bullion in 24 hours

This reporting is only necessary when you’re paying in cash.

When buying and selling gold bullion, you should be aware that there are tax implications than can affect you.

For United States citizens, you should be aware there are some tax implications to consider when buying gold bullion.

There is typically no sales tax when you purchase gold bullion. Some states do charge sales tax on gold bullion purchases.

When you decide to sell your gold, you will need to pay taxes on the pricing difference. This is the difference between your purchase price and your sales price.

Gold and precious metals are considered collectible by the IRS (regardless if its coins, bars or ingots) and are taxed as such. You will be taxed on your marginal tax rate and not on the preferential long term capital gains tax rate. It’s best to talk with your accountant or financial planner at tax time.

Final Thoughts on How to Buy Gold Bullion in the USA

One of the most convenient ways of purchasing gold is to buy online from a reputable dealer. They will provide you with a range of options, from a selection of bullion to storage and shipping.

Checking online brokers against each other online will allow you to save on your purchases and have the confidence of making a safe and secure investment.

You can start your gold bullion investing from as little as a couple of hundred dollars with the purchase of a 1/10 oz American Eagle Coin, and work your way up from there.

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