10 Ways to Earn More Points and Miles

Do you need more points and miles to redeem for a free business class flight ticket to your favorite destination? Or do you want to redeem your dream vacation villa with your miles? We will show you how to earn more points and miles so your dream can come true faster.

There are many creative ways that will help you in earning more miles and points. Here at some of the best picks for you.

1. Shop on Stores that Give You the Most Miles

Some credit card companies work with malls and online stores to give you extra miles when you shop with their partners. So instead of buying your new iPhone from the Apple store, why now purchase it from another store that can help you earn more miles?

So start paying all your items with your mile cards instead of cash or debit cards and it will slowly snowball to more miles in months to come.

2. Maximizing Restaurant Spending with Dining Rewards Programs

There are airline dining rewards programs that have been initiated to allow you to gain miles. So be selective when you plan for your dinner this weekend and select restaurants in the dining program. Some credit cards offer 2x to 4x miles for each dollar spent.

However, some of these restaurants might offer rewards only on weekends, so be sure to check online to avoid disappointment.

3. Use a Miles-Generating Card to Earn More Miles

I would say that I love this creative idea. Did you know that you can earn miles by using your already acquired miles? If you weren’t aware of this possibility, then you need not worry.

This technique allows you to simply use your miles-generating card whenever you need to pay for anything. In the process, you will be able to earn more miles by using your accrued miles!

This is a very beneficial method and will definitely come in handy in circumstances where you can afford to spend some miles without creating any deficits in your card.

4. Book a Hotel or High-Ticket Travel Packages

This is one of the most rewarding ways of earning miles. It has always been the easiest and fastest way to chalk up lots of miles by paying for your high-ticket flights and hotels.

Additionally, renting a car gives you the opportunity to earn more miles.

Some popular online hotel booking sites like booking.com might work with some credit card companies to give you 2x – 3x more miles during the promotion period. So be sure to subscribe to their newsletters for the latest promotions.

5. Earn Miles by Paying for your Electricity Bill

It seems absurd that you can earn miles just by using electricity, doesn’t it? Well, if you are an owner of a store or warehouse which uses a lot of solar electricity in a month, you shouldn’t waste any more time. Grab your miles-generating card today and link the card to your billing company.

You may be asking yourself, how do I go about it? It is quite simple. This is possible if you intend to use solar energy. Solar energy companies have been linked to mile-rewarding companies to ensure that you gain more miles just by the consumption of the energy.

6. Binge-Watching

I am an ardent fan of TV shows, movies, and other television programs. O know most of you are too. Recently I got to know about this new technique about earning miles.

A friend of mine, over a cup of coffee, gave me this bright idea that I could sit back, relax, enjoy my TV shows, and still earn a lot of miles in the process.

There are sites they give you initial 25, 000 or even 20, 000 miles just for signing up for TV, that is if you didn’t have a direct TV connection before.

In case you love spending time at home watching shows and movies, you shouldn’t hesitate to sign up and to earn as many miles as possible.

7. Drinking Wine

You can sign up for wine clubs and get the chance to earn miles consistently, just by partying, spending time with your friends, and enjoying life.

Some clubs work hand in hand with mile-rewarding companies, such that you get to earn miles once you have joined the club and enrolled for the program.

8. Buying Beauty Products that Earn Miles

Buying beauty products actually gives you the opportunity to earn miles. It is such a convenient technique, especially among beautification enthusiasts. The more products you purchase, the more miles you get.

This is the perfect opportunity for you, as you only need to conduct ordinary purchases. Linking your card to the websites is an easy process. After this, you will earn more miles as an esteemed customer.

There is one way of ensuring that you earn more miles. You can decide to purchase high-margin products. These products have higher returns when it comes to the accrual of miles.

9. Earning Miles By Depositing into Credit Cards

This is an easy process. All that is required of you is to deposit funds into your credit card. You, however, are supposed to do so with brokerages to earn miles. You can get miles for as good as 0.75 percentage mile per deposit, depending on the amounts deposited.

10. Pay the Credit Card Annual Fees to Earn Miles at Low Prices

Some mile cards give you bonus miles when you pay your credit card annual fees. It is actually a very good deal to pay for the annual card as you can get lots of miles at a very low price if you do the Math. So if you still need some miles to redeem your flight ticket, why not pay for your miles using this method instead of requesting a fee waiver?



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